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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Women Desperate to Prove Their Presence In a Man's life....

On the next Maury! How desperate do you have to be, to make a fool out of yourself on a social networking site like Facebook? I have a friend who’s on the slimy side, which I know all to well, has his “ex-girlfriend” making a fool of herself for him. If she only knew what she was dealing with, she would be mortified. The sad part is, I fear she does, and could care less. Maybe I’m just too full of pride. I just can’t see me desperately trying to let EVERYONE know, that she is involved with him. Who isn’t? :D … I was, up until the ending of last year! Yeah, I know, gag me. The one thing that I can feel good about is that, I had enough sense, to keep my shit undercover! She’s blasting her business out about her babee, and he’s giving the business to everybody! Oh no pardon me, he’s selective sorry! Yeah right…I stopped going on his page and just about ready to get rid of him altogether. I suppose I shouldn’t delay the deletion any longer. His status appeared on my page and I looked at the comments. I nearly fell off my chair :D He put it out there that, it was his last day of his vacation, and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. …Early on in the thread, she states her intent to visit him. Later on now, she’ basically told everyone, that they did the do. How classy is that? All of the ten years, I’ve known him, he appreciated privacy. Not till this dimwit came along. She had to make sure she lifted her leg and pee’d all over his social networking pages. It started, some two-odd years ago, and hasn’t let up. He’s gone on vacation with other women, dated me and probably countless other ladies, and here she is publicly swearing her undying love to him. It’s just pathetic. Usually I laughed it off but, today I’m working on one and a half hour sleep and I’m probably irritable. I get so upset with women doing this. He was once somebody I loved, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with my bleh feeling. Yet, another lady, let it be know that she spent the man’s vacation with him. So here comes dimwit, determined to finish off his vacation with a “happy ending” Really? You’re okay with having sloppy seconds? What is wrong with some of us women? A lot of women, actually! For all she knows, this guy could have been shagging up a storm with this other chick, and here she, um uh…comes. Ugh! Lord help me, sometimes I just want to slap people. Yeah, I know, I’m working on those violent tendencies :D It’s only ignorant-ass women that piss me of so! I’ll feel better after a nice sleep tonight. I’ll go back to being indifferent. I look forward to it :)

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