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Monday, April 5, 2010

Live, from New York, it´s Gabriella Sanchez

Since I've done everything there is to do, regarding my upcoming novel, I sit and wait. Then, wait some more. It's out of my hands, and into the printer's hands now. I'm so anxious and have so much nervous energy. So, in the meantime, I'll introduce a character from my book, Enchanted Island. The plot centers around four young people. Gabriella, Gilberto, Molly and Juan. Gabriella is the main focus of the story.

Introducing, Gabriella Maria Sanchez. Gabriella is what you would call a Nuyorican. It's a blend of New York and Puerto Rican. It's a term used to describe those with descendants from Puerto Rico, but born in New York. It just so happens to describe me as well. Gabby, as everyone calls her, shares some of my own traits. She's very shy and, awkward with few friends to call her own. We first meet Gabby when she's eleven years old, living in Manhattan with her mother. We learn that Gabby gets teased at school for being brainy. She spends most of her time alone, and escapes her reality, by reading anytime she can. Since Gabby doesn't come from a family with money, she pretty much sticks out like a sore thumb at her school, where most of the children come from the middle, to upper class. After a rocky start, Gabby eventually makes friends with the snobby Molly Sinclair. When the new student, Gilberto Padilla, joins the mix, the real story begins. Gabby and Gilberto become the best of friends right away. Gabby is beyond happy, to have someone who likes her unconditionally.

Gabby is very smart and wise beyond her years, an old soul if you will. I would describe her as, naive with a pure heart. She's strong without even realizing it. She easily forgives and, wants to believe the best in everyone. As I sit here and write about this fictional character, I'm reminded of just how much of me went into Gabby. Living with a single mother, very few friends, not to mention, she wears glasses that are way too big for her face. That pretty much describes my adolescence.

Sometime before entering High School, she transforms into a classic beauty. She maintains a natural look, while still managing to be breathtakingly beautiful. Again, I wouldn't dare to call myself breath-taking ;) but this also sums up what I went through. I got rid of my glasses at some point, as did Gabby. Continuing with her thirst for knowledge, she continued to enrich her life through academics. That's where Gabby and I part ways. I wasn't a horrible student, but didn't quite excel like Gabby. That aspect about Gabby is probably wishful thinking on my part :)

At a ripe old age of 15, Gabby finds herself in love. Also an experience I share with her. She grows to be an exceptional young lady. She has a close relationship with her mother, and dearly loves her friends. Gabby can get feisty at times, and does not like when someone stands in her way when she wants something. What was that you ask? Is that also a trait she and I share? Okay, I confess, yes it is. I have been described by a few, as feisty. I do not enjoy when someone or something is unnecessarily standing in the way of my getting what I want. I can get very stubborn and set in my ways, but hey, I'm a Taurus. I can easily see this stubborn streak in Gabby, in a few instances in the book.

Overall, Gabby accepts everything bestowed upon her with such grace. There are a few moments when she shows momentary weakness but, soon after, prevails in whatever obstacles come her way. Using her smarts she's able to think quickly on her feet. Being so well- rounded, Gabby is able to solve the mini- mysteries thrown at her throughout the journey in the story. There are many things in Gabby that I aspire to be, as I'm sure there's a vice versa in my sentiment ;)

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