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Monday, April 5, 2010


As I move into a more positive existence I can’t help but reflect on what my life was like was before. I almost want to weep for the person I was. I allowed myself to stay in relationships well beyond their expiration date. I was such a firm believer in love and thought it should conquer all. That just may be true yet. I honestly don’t know anymore. I used to be such a hopeless romantic and saw the world through those proverbial rose-colored glasses. It took one person to totally shatter my ideals. What I can’t stand the most is that I allowed it. I allowed it for far too long. I’m happy to say now, that I took advantage of the new year and weeded out things and people who were not conducive to my growth. I’m saddened daily by the ejection of certain people from my life, but I’m reminded of their insincerity and the sadness lifts just a little bit more each time. I’m able to wake up every morning with a brighter outlook feeling much like I can take on the world. It is what I intend on doing. With supportive family and friends I feel confident that my life is becoming more of what it should have been all along, Happy and rewarding. It’s not to say that my life has been a total wash out up until now. It just means now I feel like I’m living on my own terms and I like it. Namaste.

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