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Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm wondering, what prompts people to think that, everything is about them? In the past few weeks, I've had a certain family member speak before thinking, resulting in them feeling foolish for making assumptions. People in my social circle think this blog is about them, please, why? I've dedicated a few posts to very specific people. One, being my mother, the other a close friend, and made mention of one specific relative in another. They can assume correctly that, the posts were about them. Any other posts, are general. I do have more than one friend. Shocking to some but, true. So chances of this blog being about ONE person, are slim. I do have more than one person in my life :D.. This blog and its topics, cover just about anybody. A majority of people in my life, at this moment, display this, all about me attitude. I've noticed it a lot lately. The funny thing is, the person behind my thoughts in this blog, is clueless. He is the most vain of them all. This is where I'm working out my feelings regarding this person. And wouldn't you know it, vanity took over and, others have convinced themselves that it's about them. Bravo! I'm glad I know about this trait now, before I invested too much in them. I must have a knack for choosing the same type of people in my life. How, one person, can be bothered by what's in my blog, when its subject matter is mostly focused on another, is comical. And now to quote the person that inspires the blog, "Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups" For those that are reading this blog, family or friends, if you feel like something I said was directed towards you, then maybe you should check yourself :)...What is lacking in your life that, you feel everything is about you? Why are you on this blog? This blog is not meant for people to think, I'm talking about them in particular. I speak about things I see all around me, not specific to one person. Sadly, what I speak about, goes for many people I know, at the moment. Most that I speak about, are in my real life daily. Not some half cyber, half real life relationship. Through conversations with friends, I've found that, vanity is running rampant these days, which prompts me to take to writing about it. Maybe if this blog bothers someone so much, it's because they're feeling self-conscious or guilty. What are they really taking exception to? Funny, how people perceive things. I'm reminded of that Carly Simon song. You're so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you. Don't you?

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