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Monday, April 5, 2010


Back when I was young and in love, I never imagined that my high school sweetheart of five years, would turn out to be such a jerk. I don't think he's a jerk merely because he cheated on me and broke my heart. He's a jerk, because he fathered a child with me and, is basically non-existant in the child's life. I feel bad for speaking about him in this way, because he is my son's father. I never speak like this in front of my son, and I know there's a chance my son could very well read this one day. I do apologize in advance, should you ever read this J. Anyhow, my first love, of course, made a huge impression on me. After the relationship was over, I was devastated and left to carry on, while he went off happily ever after with the new girl. The following is a poem I wrote after months of dealing with the break-up.


Callously, you reduced me to tears
Making me face unfathomable fears

Forcing me then, to carry on
Wondering what, became of our bond

Thinking all along, that we were perfectly secure
It’s then, that you departed, leaving sorrow for me to endure

So, you went on living, without a backwards glance
Causing me to remain, in a steady somber trance

Then, one day I woke up, suddenly feeling new
Free of all the melancholy, that was caused by you

Relieved to be unburdened, of all that extra weight
Now, looking back on everything, I see you weren’t so great!

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