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Monday, April 5, 2010

Everything New

I'm so glad to see the sun shining today! This has been a bit of a rough winter here in NY, but we're surviving. I'm partial to the spring because, I was born in, well, May :D I love everything about spring. The fact that everything is starting anew, just invigorates the positive outlook set forth on January 1st. I love the idea of new life, after seemingly, hibernating the whole winter. With the release of my first book, coinciding with the upcoming season change, I can't help but be overjoyed at the symbolism. I feel as though my life is getting a make-over. After a rather dull run, my life is, um, showing signs of life :) I'm bursting with excitement, as corny as that sounds. Those that know me personally, know that patience is not my strong suit. The waiting game has me in such a tizzy. I'm excited, reflective, and surprisingly depressed, at times. I'm feeling just about every emotion all at once. And, I LOVE IT! I'm so glad I happen to be taking this ride with my friend, and fellow writer. She understands exactly what I'm going through, as she is experiencing the same thing. We spend the days, dreaming of what our new life will be like. I haven't mentioned this in my blog, but none of my family is aware of what is about to transpire. It's so hard keeping this surprise from my kids and my mother. I can't wait until I can put the book in their hands. I just have to wait about two more weeks. This is truly the best time in my life. Thank you, universe, for being so kind to me :)

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