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Monday, April 5, 2010

Enchanted Island Blurb

With the release of my first novel just a few weeks away, I would like to begin sharing a little more about it. Here is the blurb that appears on the back cover.

Gabriella Sanchez is an awkward, adolescent girl simply trying to fit in. Forced in a solitary existence by her classmates’ unrelenting teasing, she attempts to change her lonely existence by befriending Molly Sinclair, the daughter of the wealthy couple her mother works for. Everything seems to be going well, until the day Molly decides she’s embarrassed to be friend with Gabriella. Gabriella’s luck changes when she meets Gilberto Padilla, who accepts her just as she is. The two become inseparable, bringing both their families together as one. Gabriella is so happy she even forgives Molly and revisits their friendship.

With school out for the summer the three friends make plans to vacation in Puerto Rico. Gabriella is overjoyed to be experiencing it for the first time with her best friends. The first signs of trouble show up when a battle begins between the two girls, over Gilberto. But, while in Puerto Rico, Gabriella and Molly meet Juan, a friend of the Padilla family. Molly instantly falls for him while he has his eye set on Gabriella. This infuriates Molly, who inadvertently causes a near fatal accident for her friend.

Eleven year old Gabriella then finds herself in the middle of an age old mystery after curious happenings begin to occur. After entrusting only her friends with the information, the four choose never to discuss it again, until Gabriella starts having cryptic dreams, years later. On a second trip to Puerto Rico, Gabriella now fifteen years old, is determined to uncover the clues in her dreams. She discovers that her dreams unlock mysteries of the ancient Taino tribe, in which she and her friends play an important role. Together they journey through time, to learn Gabriella’s fate, and a lesson of the inevitable law of Karma.

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