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Monday, April 5, 2010

Miss Molly Sinclair

Awaiting the book proof in the mail today! So, I'm very excited, anxious,nervous, antsy, and everything in between. I'll take this time, to introduce another character from Enchanted Island. Here are the other two characters I've already introduced:

Now onto the next. Molly Sinclair, the girl you really want to hate, but feel sorry for, so you don't. She has everything handed to her, yet she wants what others have. Molly is the stereotypical, spoiled, rich girl. Her parents barely acknowledge her existence, so she constantly seeks attention from anyone. We first meet Molly when she strikes up a friendship with Gabriella, which soon turns complicated.

Although, Molly has everything, she envies what little Gabriella has. But what Gabriella has, can not be measured. She has the love and attention of her mother. Unlike Molly, she wasn't born into a life of privilege, which makes her humble. Molly is anything but humble, she's vain, and imagines that every boy could be hers if she wanted.

As Molly enters her teen years, her vanity is still very much a part of her personality. Her desire to be valued, causes her to make bad choices. Molly appears to be so sure of herself but, she really has no clue. She's the type of girl, who wants to be so grown-up, yet she's naive and immature.

Molly is not without positive traits, she has a playful nature and can bring humor to sometimes tense situations. In between her lapses in judgment, she does have the ability to be a good friend. With the same intensity she loves herself, she has the capacity to love others. And when Molly loves, she loves for keeps.

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