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Monday, April 5, 2010

My First Review

A few weeks ago my book was given to a select few readers for review. They were chosen based on their activity on my social networking pages. I'm excited to report that my first review is in, and it's POSITIVE! A woman from Raleigh, NC said the following:

I was given the privilege of reading Enchanted Island as part of an invite-only preview event.

Early in Enchanted Island, we see the world through the eyes of a young,inner-city girl, of Puerto Rican descent. No matter what the reader’s background, however, many will find themselves able to relate to young Gabriella’s life; the wanting of more than she has, and the social awkwardness that comes, not only from her lack of money, but from just being young. More than that, readers can relate to her sense that she is destined for more than life as it is.

Her grateful attitude to any kindness makes her a fierce friend, and she soon becomes acquainted with two children in her school– Gilberto, a young man of similar background, and Molly, a member of the elite class. Together, the threesome navigates their way through school life, and embark on a journey to Gabby’s ancestral home in Puerto Rico.

While there, they meet a fourth, Juan, to complete their group. Following an accident, Ms. Torres takes us on a supernatural journey, in which the four youngsters understand their purpose in each others lives, and fight to right the wrongs of the past, not only for their sakes, but for the world at large.

May Torres brings a supernatural adventure to live, in a concise and clear-cut way. Her informal writing style is very direct, and unpretentious, letting the reader know exactly where they stand at all time, a wise choice, given her intended reader.

She uses words her readers can, not only understand, but likely use in their everyday life. Teens and adults alike will enjoy the quest through time and history, exploring past lives and the philosophy of karma.

My favorite aspect of the book, however, has to be the character development. The reader feels as though they know the characters, and understand their motivation. That makes it easy for every reader to picture themselves in the given situations, and have a real connection with the book. It was a pleasure to
read this, and I look forward to more supernatural trips with Ms. Torres.

I'm very humbled by this woman's words. It makes the long hours spent writing this story worth it. One review down, and many more to come, I hope. I'm very happy today, thank gods :)

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