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Monday, April 5, 2010


I feel compelled to talk about a friend of mine. Yes, I'm going to talk about her behind her back. Shame on me? I think not.

One day when I was feeling really low, I decided to search the world wide web for a source of support. I was confused. I was reeling from a terrible heartbreak and, questioning so many things. My sexuality included. I happened upon a site, a support forum. I felt comfortable there, and even entered the chat room. I was so surprised at how welcomed everyone made me feel. This particular site, only had open chat one day a week for people that had not met the forum's minimum post requirement. So, I had to wait another week to enter the chat room again. In the meantime, I posted in the forum. Before I knew it I had enough posts to enter the chat room on any day I wished. Well, that was the beginning of something very good for me. I started to feel better after sharing my story with the women. I had plenty of laughs in the chat room and found myself returning often throughout my day. It probably wasn't even a month, before I started getting familiar with the regulars. These were real women, with real issues. We shared, we encouraged, we laughed. It was just what I needed at that particular time. In my visits to the site and the chat room, there were those that I just really connected to. Through the internet? Yes. There's no explaining how it happens, but it just does. You connect with someone. It doesn't have to be on a romantic soul mate level. You can have platonic soul mates, I believe. It seems like some cosmic force is putting you on the same path. On that site, I found one person in particular, that I could relate to. As luck would have it, she could relate to me as well. I found a handful of people that I could actually relate to as a matter of fact. But I must say, none of them had the staying power. It's been almost two years, since I stumbled upon the site. That one original "regular" from the chat room, has stood the test of time. We took our online friendship offline and haven't looked back. We still connect on many levels, often realizing that we share a lot of the same experiences when it comes to our fellow man. We are different in many ways as well, which always keeps things interesting. I can count on her to understand when I suffer disappointments because, she, too, suffers them. I completely believe that, something higher and smarter than us, wanted us to cross paths. We've come together in a nice partnership to achieve great things. This connection was meant to take place. I can't wait to see where it takes me. I'm glad to call her friend, and even happier in believing it will be a long-lasting friendship. Something I have not had thus far.

So, yes, sorry to talk about my friend behind her back. I hope she won't mind.

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