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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Little About Juan, from Enchanted Island

With physical attraction and chemistry on the brain, I suppose it's a good time to introduce another character from Enchanted Island. Juan Torres, he fits the physical attraction category well. If you haven't gotten a chance to meet the other characters in Enchanted Island, check them out here :

Juan Torres is the older, attractive friend of Gilberto Padilla. We first meet Juan when the other characters, Gabriella, Molly and Gilberto, travel to Puerto Rico. Juan is fourteen, while the others are just twelve years old. With Gabriella being mature for her age, Juan takes a liking to her right away. This is much to Molly's dismay, as she developed a crush on Juan immediately. Juan is well-mannered like his friend Gilberto. He lives with his mother, next door to Gilberto's vacation home in Puerto Rico. He displays confidence, and is pro-active when he wants something, or someone.

As Juan ages, he grows to be, the epitome of tall,dark and handsome. At some point, Gabriella joins Molly in admiring Juan. The physical attraction is dangerous, considering, that Gabriella and Gilberto have always had a thing for each other. The chemistry taking place in the group of friends, only complicates things. Juan is not afraid to take action, when it comes to the object of his affection. Although, he respects the relationship Gabriella and Gilberto have, he doesn't hesitate to put it all on the line.

As time goes on, Gabriella finds it much more difficult to stay away from Juan. Gilberto is her best friend and, they too have obvious chemistry. But the chemistry with Juan is more of the physical kind. The chemistry with Gilberto is emotional. Juan finds himself in Gilberto's shadow, since Gabriella has Gilberto on a pedestal. I have to admire his grace in handling the delicate situation. I can identify with Gabriella's tendency to be drawn to Juan. He represents the man's man, the take charge, steadfast guy, that women might not admit desiring, in these days ;)

Find out more about Enchanted Island here:

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