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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was watching television last night, and just had the best time :)...There's a new show on ABC called Modern Family. It has got to be the most refreshingly funny show on television right now. The writing is so clever and subtle. The characters are magnificent. Each and every character makes the show work. There are favorites, but if one was taken out of the equation, it wouldn't work as well. I highly recommend this show. If you haven't seen it, you can go to to watch full episodes.

Another one of my favorites is House. Ohh how I love Dr. Gregory House. The show is a drama, but it has so much humor in it as well. The character House, is so over the top but, everyone loves him, even though they profess a strong dislike for him. He's a brilliant doctor who solves very rare and complicated medical cases. It's so worth watching. You can catch house on

Also on Fox, you can watch Glee. I'm not usually into musicals, but this show is absolutely wonderful. It's not just the singing that's great, the storyline keeps you intrigued as well. Right now it's on hiatus, but will be returning soon. Yet another one of my favorites is So You Think You Can Dance, also on Fox. I have to admit to watching some reality shows. They are my guilty pleasures. But this reality dance show, is better than Dancing With The Stars in my opinion. It's showcases a multitude of dance styles, including ballroom. It's good entertainment.

I have many other favorite television shows, but those were the ones that popped into my head first. Now onto movies. I love movies! My recent favorite movie is definitely Avatar. I actually went to the theater four times to see it. Yes I did say four. The movie is visually stunning! If you have a chance to catch this in the theaters before it's gone, DO IT. Many people have trashed the storyline, citing it as weak and predictable. Well, yes, it has many other story ideas incorporated into it. But for me, it was told in a different way. Yes it reminded me of Pocahontas. It also reminded me of my other favorite movie, The Matrix. I must be strange because, I enjoyed the story. In any event, I highly recommend this movie.

As I just mentioned, up until Avatar, my favorite movie was The Matrix. Like Avatar, The Matrix set a new trend in movie making. I have a raging crush on Keanu Reeves, so that helps. The storyline was fascinating to me. The action was great, as well as the fight scenes. I enjoy all genres of movies. My favorites include silly comedies, drama, thrillers, and I love a good horror flick. The following are just a few, in many of my favorites: Napoleon Dynamite, Austin Powers series, The Hangover, Forest Gump, Braveheart, Gladiator, Troy, Titanic,Friday,Crash, The Breakfast Club...Just to name a few :)

I also love music as much as I do television and movies. My all time favorite artist is Alanis Morissette. She made a big splash back in the 90's but her music is still relevant to me today. It's a shame her music is not as mainstream as her first CD, Jagged Little Pill. I love her vulnerability in her lyrics. She's not afraid to share her journey through life. Through her music, you can get a glimpse of her obvious growth from when she first debuted. It's amazing, I feel like I've grown right along with her. I found that with each of her albums, I identified with her songs, at that particular time in my life. She was singing my thoughts exactly. If you haven't gotten to know this artist, give her a try.

I enjoy most top 40 hit songs-Pink, Lady Gaga etc. But my taste is all over the map. My Ipod is loaded with all types of music. Outside of Morissette, I love Sade, Evanescence, classic R&B, old school hip-hop, various alternative, 80's music-Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, classic rock, oldies...

So, there you have it, a few of my favorite things :)

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