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Monday, April 5, 2010

Enchanted Island´s Gilberto Padilla

As the release date for Enchanted Island grows near, I'd like to introduce another character from the story. If you missed my first character introduction, here it is The next character is Gilberto Padilla, he becomes Gabriella's best friend, within days of first meeting her.

Gilberto enters the picture at a time when Gabriella feels, most unappreciated. He's the new student that has a lot in common with the isolated young girl. Gilberto is the first kid Gabby's age, to offer her sincere friendship. He's polite but makes no bones about sticking up for Gabby when the need arises. He comes from a two parent home and raised to be a good-natured and respectable boy. Most likely, the reason he never speaks about the instantaneous crush, he developed on Gabby, upon meeting her. He's the kind of kid everyone gets along with, and because of that, become kinder to Gabby, since she's his best friend.

As Gilberto gets older, he continues to evolve into the all-around perfect gentleman. He's handsome, and possesses all the traits a girl would want in a boyfriend. His bond with Gabby grows stronger, as he finds himself helplessly in love with her. He represents security, and unwavering loyalty. Gilberto is Gabby's rock, and safe haven.

In creating Gilberto, I wanted to portray a young, Latino, boy in a positive light. Often times, in movies and on television,Latino boys are causing trouble, in a gang, or selling drugs. Gilberto is the opposite of all that. He comes from a hard-working family and respects his parents. He's the type of boy that's, safe to bring home to meet the parents. I find myself still wondering, why I haven't met my Gilberto yet :)

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