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Friday, January 21, 2011

One Man's Trash, Is Another One's Treasure

I always loved the saying "One Man's Trash, Is Another One's Treasure." It really hit home, after the last man I was in relationship with, attempted to make me feel "less than." At first, I resented him for implying that I was broken. After time, I did the worst thing possible. I started to believe him. In little ways he was breaking my spirits. His words were like tiny daggers piercing my flesh. I became, broken. I know now, that it was all because he is highly insecure. One would never believe it by his "bragadocious" ways. He took stabs at me because he was feeling low about himself, in my opinion. He's the type of person that needs constant adoration in order to thrive. He's built himself up so much, people actually believe what they see on the surface. I know I did. Underneath, lies a coward who needs to put people down in order to feel good about himself. After a downward spiral, I was able to pick myself up and dust myself off. Other men came along. They were interested in me. After talking to me and getting to know me a little, they would always ask the same question. "Why are you single?" Well, I used to wonder the same thing at one time. Now I could care less. I know I'm a good person and an even better partner. I believe it wholeheartedly now. I will only allow myself to be in a situation where, I don't have to worry about being one man's trash. I already know that, I am a treasure.

When I first heard the song "According to You" by Orianthi, I thought it was okay. I enjoyed the music, it's a catchy tune. It was not until I actually listened to the lyrics that, I truly appreciated the song.

Here's a link to the video and lyrics. /according-to-you-lyrics

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