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Monday, May 27, 2013

Are You Ready For Some... Enchanted Summer Games?

Nearly four years ago I wrote a book and then dipped my toes into the  social media pool.  It was big and scary at first but then I got the hang of it. I still enjoy my time chatting with folks from all over. I've gotten familiar with a variety of writers and those associated with other aspects of  the book publishing industry.  However, I did take a very passive approach to branding myself online and have reaped the rewards accordingly.  As I stated in an earlier post, I'm not very good at selling.   I am the least pushy person when it comes to advertising myself and tooting my own horn.  So it stands to reason that I've only made a tiny ripple when I should have made a big belly flop of a splash.

When I put  my first book out,  I was so proud of my story.  I believed the book would be enjoyed if given half the chance.  Then it happened. I was horror-stricken when I found errors in the printed copies.  I had so many of them and had spent money getting them printed.  But people started buying them anyway.  I got positive feedback and people were kind enough not to mention the errors. (Phew!)  In hindsight, it was probably the reason why I didn't push the books so hard.  Fast forward and now I'm ready to re-emerge, stronger and better.  The book has gotten a new design and the errors are being cleaned up.  Once again, I'm anxious to share my story.  I want to form a connection with the everyday reader so they may get to know me and in turn fall in love with the stories that I tell. That brings me to my plans for the summer.

In a previous post titled, Enchanted Summer Games, I spoke about how I had an idea of holding a summer-long contest.  So far I've gotten a stir of interest which led me to elaborating a little more.  I thought it would be fun to hold games and contests to get people interested in Enchanted Island.  I love the story and I want others to as well. Let's be for real for a moment, what better way to try to get people interested than to offer incentives?  I want to attract new readers by creating a fun atmosphere free of the "hard-sell."  Of course I would absolutely love  for people to rush out and read my book, but what I want most is for people to stick around and take this wonderful ride with me.  Writing can be a lonely journey!  I just want to be able to know that I'm producing something that brings enjoyment into people's lives.

As for the Enchanted Summer Games, I'm planning  a decathlon style contest.  The games will run 10 weeks with a different event each week.  That means there will be prizes up for grabs the whole summer long!  During that time I'm hoping to foster relationships with readers that will last through time. I don't want the games to be all about having to buy my book, so there will be chances for everyone to participate.  Even if they never pick up my book!  I enjoy writing, but for so long I kept my stories to myself.  It's about time I start sharing.  After all, didn't I hear someone say, "Sharing is caring?"
As a bigger interest builds, I will provide more information regarding the upcoming games.


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