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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Look Into My Short Story Compilation


I'm currently putting together a short story collection slated for a Halloween release.  Each story can stand alone  but are intertwined with each other. Make sense? :)
Here's a little snippet from the rough draft of the first story.
Thursday Night
It was Thursday night, which meant that Morgan’s ex-husband had come for the children.  Her face lit up when she opened the door.  After lingering on the doorstep, her shoulders dropped as she headed back inside, alone.   Nestling deep into the loveseat, she wrapped herself up in her favorite throw blanket.  With a click of a button she settled in to watch her favorite hospital drama.  As she sipped on a glass of chardonnay, she combed her fingers through her honeysuckle locks.  Every few minutes she let out a deep sigh then quickly swallowed down her wine.

Having watched her over several weeks, he knew she would soak in a bubble bath next. For exactly 23 minutes he would get to know her intimately.  His fixed his eyes on her form as she slowly undressed.  His pulse quickened instantly, for Morgan was quite exquisite.  While she didn’t have the model physique seen on covers of magazines, she was perfect in his eyes--scars and all.  He loved how her ample bosoms were just barely visible through the mounds of bubbles in the tub. He gulped hard as she began her bathing ritual.  These next moments were the ones he believed they connected on a spiritual level.

He marveled at how comfortable she was caressing her own body.  As always, he joined her from afar.  So many times he felt like he would finish first, but in time conditioned himself to hold back.  It wasn’t easy when her every move was made with total awareness of what pleased her. By now he knew the exact moment she would release.  After a few attempts he was able to time it perfectly so they could share in the moment together.  Each time they did, he felt closer to her. He convinced himself that she muttered his name each time.  She was made for him, of this he was certain.

He waited for her to dry off and slip into bed before entering her home.  In his eyes, a woman like Morgan needed to be with him.  What he learned by tracking her every move, was how freely she gave of herself.  The time had come for him to collect.  He formulated different scenarios on how he would get her to go with him voluntarily.  However, he was fully prepared to take her against her will.  Whatever it took, he would have her...

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