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Friday, January 13, 2012

Gabriella Speaks

Another guest post from a character, the main character, from Enchanted Island. Check out Molly's and Juan's posts



Read May Torres' take on Gabriella Sanchez

I see you've already met Molly and Juan. I hope you don't get turned off by Molly. She means well, she really does. Ever since we were younger she was always alone. She had Bethany, her nanny, but she was no substitute for her mother. If you let Molly tell it, she could care less about her mother ignoring her. I know better. Their relationship is nothing like the one I have with my mother. My mother is my hero, my everything. We may not have had the best things in life, but she always made sure I felt loved. She gives me things that just can't be measured. That's why I decided to befriend Molly. I saw that she didn't have what I had and, well, everyone deserves to feel loved.

When I was younger, I didn't have any friends my age. I hung out with my elderly neighbor and she was actually my best friend. I just had more in common with her than anybody at school. My school mates used to tease me as soon as I opened my mouth to speak. I really didn't understand how they weren't interested in reading and all the other things that I loved. So I spent a lot of time by myself. That was okay because the stories in my books were far more interesting. That is, until I became friends with Molly Sinclaire. What a roller coaster ride!

The summer we became friends was so much fun. Somewhere towards the end of the summer I guess reality hit and she didn't want to be associated with her maid's daughter. It hurt me so bad but I forgave her. It was because I met the most amazing friend ever. Gilberto! He came along and he was just like me, as in, we both came from a Puerto Rican background. We instantly hit it off. I just thought he was perfect because he liked me just the way I was and allowed me to be myself. Little did I know that he actually had more than friendly feelings for me. When we got older we eventually explored our feelings. It wasn't without complications courtesy of Molly. Molly just envied all that I had. Which is really crazy because she was born into luxury. That goes to show you that the best things in life are free.

If I'm being honest, Molly wasn't the only one who complicated matters. Enter Juan. Oh my goodness where do I begin? He's older than me for starters. My goodness, is he good-looking! Molly fell for him the minute she set eyes on him. I didn't really notice at first because Gilberto held a special place with me and I really couldn't see past him. But apparently Juan took a liking to me. And boy did that set Molly off. And me, I was in a state of confusion. Gilberto was my rock through it all. I'm not sure if he suspected anything. It was just a period of teenage drama and angst. But I tell you what, that was the easiest part of all. Our trip to my mother's native, Puerto Rico, was the end all be all.

On my second voyage to Puerto Rico at age 15, I found out who I really was; literally. I went there as a young girl in love with a wonderful boy, but which one, really? I was surrounded by friends and a whole lot of adventure. It was both horrifying and exciting. I wouldn't change a thing that happened. Someday, there may be things that I have to answer for, But I'm not going to worry about that now. I hope you enjoy my coming of age tale. It truly changed my life.

Enchanted Island by May Torres

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