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Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Times, Man...Good Times...

I've been extremely distracted and preoccupied with a trip that I'm taking in the Spring of 2012. My writing has seemingly come to a halt as I'm consumed by this said trip. I have a hard time focusing because I'm suffering from a "one track mind." I drive my family and friends crazy, I'm sure, and am pretty much the brunt of jokes. With all this being said, ask me if I care. NO! I don't :D

That's right! I don't care because I'm going to WrestleMania XXVIII! No, your eyes have not deceived you. I said I'm going to the WWE's event of the year. The SuperBowl of sports entertainment. Not only am I going, but I'm going VIP style all the way! I joke that I sold my firstborn just to be able to purchase the tickets. It's not far from the truth, I tell ya. :)

Okay, well maybe I didn't almost sell my firstborn son for the tickets, but they sure were the biggest purchase I ever made for myself to date. Definitely the most elaborate trip I've ever planned. I'm wondering, if you're wondering, if I'm partaking in this insanity by myself. And if you weren't wondering, I'm going to clue you in anyway :)

First thing, the event is taking place in Miami, Florida. I live in New York so yes, I am hopping on a plane just to attend. (btw many people travel from other countries to this event) As for me embarking on this trip on my own. Negative. I have two co-conspirators just waiting to make this journey epic! My writing partner and dear friend R.C. Berry and the lovely Ms Ang. We are beyond thrilled to be taking this trip together.

With the VIP travel packages we bought, there are so many things to get into leading up to the main event. Including the opportunity to get autographs and take pictures with our favorite WWE stars. We each have one that strikes our fancy. I have pledged my undying love to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. R.C. Berry has a real thing for Randy "The Viper" Orton. Ms Ang just loves her some John Cena. We all love each of the aforementioned so this trip is going to be such a treat!

Now that you have a little background I want to share something with you. Seconds after our purchase of WrestleMania XXVIII tickets, we celebrated. I guess I should tell you that I live in New York and that my friends live in North Carolina. We designated one person, R.C. Berry, the person to handle the actual transaction. So we skyped the whole experience. Now getting back to what I wanted to share with you.

The celebration that I mentioned, was caught on camera. Yes, there is proof. The three of us ladies got bit with the "I don't give a sh!t" bug. I was at work looking like a hot mess (hey I work with small children), while Ms. Ang had gotten into some of R.C. Berry's costumes. She was wearing quite the ensemble. You'll see how they included me in the festivities via the Ipad. Good times, man...good times...


  1. good times indeed Chica! we are going to WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!

  2. Ahhhh! Yes we are!!! Woo Hoo! I will finally smell what the Rock is cooking...