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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pet Peeves

So, lately I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. I know all about that positive reinforcement stuff and the power of the law of attraction. I know that my thoughts become actions, and what ever I put out into the universe I’m going to get back. Yes, yes, I totally understand that. But yes I’m here to admit I’m not 100% good at implementing it 100% of the time. Hey, I’m human. I go through periods where I just can’t take anymore of people’s shit. It gets to the point, that once a person gets on my nerves they are on my shit list for every little thing they do. Eventually they come off of my list but it takes a while. Have you ever gotten to the point where almost everyone and everything gets on your very last nerve? You can be the most kind, understanding, and compassionate person overall (Like myself :) ) but when the dark cloud appears, there’s no escape. You just have to ride it out until it rolls out of town. That dark cloud has been insisting on settling over my head. I’ve tried to fight it but it’s so damn persistent. Presently, I have people and situations that are annoying the hell out of me. And stupid me is allowing it. Go figure. So what better time to ask, what are your pet peeves?

Mine are:

  • People talking during a movie (I can almost bring myself to commit assault with a deadly weapon over that shit!)
  • Copycats, biters, idea stealers (You get the point)
  • Tapping
  • Nosy bodies (Mind your damn business)
  • People who butt into a convo when nobody asked their opinion.
  • Chameleons (No, not the animal. People who exhibit their behavior)
  • Bandwagoners (Ugh get off! And no, not in that yummy good way)
  • Parents afraid to…well…Parent!! (Grow some balls dammit!)
  • Me, Me, Me (What can you do for me? Look at me! Let’s talk about me! STFU already)
  • People who work out on the equipment at the gym and don’t wipe it down!
  • That person who has the need to control everything and everyone!
  • Fake people (Just cut the shit okay?)
  • Cocky people (Ugh no! There are always better, cuter, nicer, sweeter, prettier, people out there)
If I don’t stop there, I’ll be here all day :)

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