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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dreaming Big This Year

Okay, so I had a dream about writing. I set out and I wrote. I published. I will repeat. The process taught me a lesson. It taught me to dream big! In fact, in my book dedication, I told my children just that. Now I will not settle for what ifs, I am going for it. Whatever I desire, I am going to do it big.

Now you may find this funny but, I love World Wrestling Entertainment. Okay, I admit I love to watch those buffed up men throw each other around. My favorite is The Rock. He recently came back to the WWE and so did I. I watched Wrestlemania last month with my friend and fellow writer R.C. Berry. We saw that next year it would be in Miami. So we've decided to go. We are going all out and purchasing the best tickets available. Therefore, I need to sell more books! :-D I need to make this dream come true. Dreams haven't been so kind to me the last few years so I'm due.

I joke to my friends every time my birthday comes along. I tell them I want The Rock. My birthday was just this week and it sucks that I haven't gotten him after all these years. Well next year that's it. I will have him. It will be my 40th birthday and it's time for celebration. The Rock will be having a much anticipated match and I will be there to watch in person. Because baby, I'm dreaming big this year!


  1. Good for you. :) The Rock is lovely.

  2. Thank you! Hoping to get up close. Close enough to feel his sweat :-)